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Continuous Rotating Shear


  • The Start Stop Flying Shear can cut upto 18m/s with the standard DC motors. The solution lies in installing High Speed Continuous Rotating Shear with regenerative Tail Breaking Pinch rolls. The speeds of 22m/s with pneumatic deviator & 30 m/s with servo motor deviator have been achieved.
  • The first cut of this shear is not accurate, but the subsequent cuts are very accurate. The material loss of first cut is compensated by the subsequent cuts.
  • The motor power is only 50 KW, compared to 90, 130, 175 KW of Start Stop Flying Shear.

8mm to 16mm TMT bar. Single Shear is sufficient for ingot rolling mills.

To cut set lenth of TMT bar being rolled above 20m/s at a temperature of 550 deg C.


  • The casing is vertically split to take the separating force during the the milli seconds when the cut is executed on the casing profiles instead of parting bolts.
  • The blade holder is fitted with double cone torque couplings as a safeguard against the accidental overload.
  • The Flywheels are provided to reduce the motor power. The flywheel intertia augments the cyclic cutting load.
  • The gears are case carburised hardened & ground designed for minimum back lash.

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